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TISA Leak Reveals 10 Key Threats to Commonsense Financial Regulations, Public Citizen, 7/15

Slavery, Genocide, Abuse: The Dark Side of Asia’s ‘Tiger Economies’, Bello, FPIF 6/15

Trade Pacts vs. National Sovereignty, Canova, 6/15
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Corporate Agenda, Zaccone, updated 6/15

TPP: The trade deal you aren't allowed to know about until it hits you! Collins, 5/15 More info at www.tppfreezones.org

Global Wage Report 2014/15

The missing puzzle piece of the global economic recovery is finally falling into place, Bird 6/15

U.S.-China Trade Deficits Cost Millions of Jobs Scott, EPI 12/14

What the 2014 Election Results Mean for Trade Policy, 11/14

Fact-Checking the Obama Adm. on Trade2014

Public Citizen Trade Data Center

Congressional Letter to US Trade Rep on TPP and Labor Rights 5/14

Did NAFTA Help Mexico? An Assessment After 20 Years, Weisbrot et al, CEPR 2/14

Open Fire and Open Markets: The Asia-Pacific Pivot and Trans-Pacific Partnership1/14

TheTrans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat to Democracy and Food Sovereignty, 7/13

World Bank's Anti-Labor Analysis Is a Dirty Business, Chen, ITT 10/12

Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises, 6/12 [Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)]

Reducing U.S. trade deficits will generate a manufacturing-based recovery for the United States and Ohio, Scott, Jorgenson, & Hall, 2/13

Global Employment Trends, ILO, 1/12

Has Globalization Destroyed the American Middle Class? Zaccone 5/12

EuroMemorandum 2012 European Integration at the Crossroads, EuroMemoGroup Working Group:Alternative Eco Policy for Europe

World of Work Report 2011, World Heading for New, Deeper Recession, ILO 10/11

Fighting for 'made in the USA', LA Times 5/10

Global Employment Trends for Youth 2011 Update, ILO

Rethinking Trade Policyfor Development:Lessons From Mexico Under Nafta Zepeda et al, Carnegie 12/09

ILO adopts Global Jobs Pact aimed at creating jobs, protecting workers and stimulating economic recovery, 6/09

Survey of Full Employment Advocates, Goldberg and Ginsburg

Globablization from Below' Tackles the 'Great Recession', Global Labor Strategies

Why the World Isn't Flat: The Truth About Globalization and the Secret History of Capitalism, Ha-Joon Chang, 2/08

Forced Labour, ILO

Neo-Liberal Economic Policies in the United States: The Impact of Globalization on a Northern Country, Scipes, 5/09

Characteristics of Offshorable Jobs, Bernstein, Lin, Mishel, EPI, 11/07

Trade Union Statement to G8 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference: Shaping the social dimens ion of globalisation, Trade Union Advisory Com of the OECD, 6/07

Global Outsourcing and the U.S. Working Class Pollin, Winter 07, rev April 2008

NYT Bends Logic to Advance Bush Trade Agenda, Baker, 4/07

The Economics of Outsourcing: How Should Policy Respond? T. Palley, 1/07

Robert Pollin, "Is Full Employment Possible Under Globalization?" The Sumner Rosen Memorial Lecture, Columbia University, 11/06

Globalization Tames the Left in Brazil, T. Palley, 9/06

Increases in foreign liabilities financed through sale of government securities, Scott 6/06

Why the World Pays Dollar Tribute, Palley, 6/06

The importance of manufacturing in balancing the U.S. trade deficit, 4/06

"Employment Regulation and French Unemployment: Were the French Students Right After All?" Howell & Schmitt 4/06

Social Security Programs Throughout the World: The Americas, 2005, 3/06

Thinking Outside the Box about Trade, Development, and Poverty Reduction, Palley1/06

Suicide and Unemployment in Japan 1/06

Trade deficits and manufacturing employment, 11/05

The Big Squeeze, Paul Krugman, NY Times, 10/05

Truth and consequences of offshoring, Bivens, EPI 8/05

CAFTA: Part of the FTAA Puzzle

NAFTA's cautionary tale

Nafta at Seven--Economic Policy Institute Briefing Paper

Measuring Global Inequality, Sutcliffe, 2005

Kicking Away the Ladder: The "Real" History of Free Trade, Ha-Joon Chang, 12/03

Manufacturing Employment & Compensation in China, Judith Banister, 12/04

Three-Dimensional Economics: CAFTA won’t help U.S. workers, and blocking it may help the rest of the world, David Moberg, 5/05

CAFTA’s Debt Trap, Aldo Caliari, 6/05

Facts on Child Labor ILO report, 6/05

Decent Work   ILO report, 12/99

Global Policy Network [economic statistics worldwide]

The European Foundation for Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

Wages, employment and unemployment data OECD [be warned--many timeouts]

Intern'l Comparisons--Employment, Unemployment, Compensation, Productivity--BLS

Other Nations Lead US: Higher Productivity, Lower Poverty, EPI [Book chapter]

Globalization and Macroeconomics--articles

Yale Global Online

The Nordic Model

For the Welfare State--Norwegian Coalition

European Union Eurostat

Statistics Canada

China--National Bureau of Statistics; People's Bank

France--National Instiute of Statistics and Economic Studies

Germany--Federal Statistical Office

Ireland--Central Statistics Office

Japan--Statistics Bureau [prepare for a wait for this site]

Netherlands Statistics

Statistics Sweden

UK Treasury

Statistical Sites--domestic and international

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