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 UNCOMMON SENSE Series: Short articles for a general audience, written by economists, sociologists, historians and others active in social change movements. They seek to debunk the myths and assumptions that politicians and their economic advisors use to keep us from adopting policies that would increase employment and wages. These can be used as handouts at conferences, for classes, as articles in local newsletters, as the basis for "Letters to the Editor," radio and TV interviews or talks with your elected representatives, and as inserts in newsletters. Please bear in mind that these articles reflect data at the time they were written. Nonetheless, the concepts remain valid.

 #1: Increasing Unemployment Increases the Deficit, Reducing Unemployment Reduces the Deficit, by Helen Lachs Ginsburg and William Ayres. 

 #2: Unemployment Means Lost Output and Human Deficits, by Helen Lachs Ginsburg. 

#3: 17 Million Unemployed and Underemployed Is"Unnatural; So Is 16 Million," by Helen Lachs Ginsburg and William Ayres. 

#4: Employment Statistics: Let's Tell the Whole Story, by Helen Lachs Ginsburg and William Ayres.  #4a: Popular Graphic Version

#4: Estadisticas De Empleo: Digamos La Historia Completa Por Helen Lachs Ginsburg, William Ayres

#5: Welfare Reform: Where Are the Jobs? by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Sheila Collins, Helen Lachs Ginsburg, and Philip Harvey 

#6: Full Employment: the Supreme Law of the Land, by David G. Gil

#7: Full Employment and Affirmative Action, by Manning Marable

#8: Disarmament, Economic Conversion and Jobs For All, by Seymour Melman 

#9: Why the Debt Isn't All Bad: Balancing Our Deficit Thinking, by Robert Eisner (reprinted, with permission, from the Nation magazine) 

#10:: Let's Have an Adequate Minimum Wage, by Robert Cherry 

#11: High Anxiety: Economic Insecurity and Jobs For All by Charles Whalen 

#12: Environmental Regulation and Jobs For All by Eban Goodstein 

#13: The Collapse of Low-Skill Wages: Technological Shift or Institutional Failure? By David Howell 

#14: Responding to Rising Unemployment: Can We Afford Jobs For All?* by Philip Harvey 

#15: How Many Jobs Are There: The Need for a Job Vacancy Survey by Philip Harvey The Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS] now issues a vacancy survey, Job Openings and Labor Turnover, monthly, with a 2-month lag. This occurred thanks in part to the Coalition's work.

#16: We Need a WPA for Our Time by Nancy Rose 

#17: Needed: A National Commitment to Families by Ruth Sidel 

#18: Welfare Reforming the Workplace by Maurice Emsellem 

#19: Why Unions Matter; Why Full Employment Matters to Unions by Elaine Bernard 

#20: Reversing the Spread of Lousy Jobs, by Chris Tilly 

#21: Social Security Is Not in "Crisis" (rev.) by Richard Du Boff 

#22: Women and Social Security: Statement and Checklist by the National Council of Women's Organizations. Reprinted with permission from IWPR web site, http://www.iwpr.org. 

#23: Washington's New Poor Law: Welfare"Reform's" Legacy and Real Welfare Reform, by Sheila Collins 

#24: Social Security Is Not Just for Seniors, by Jean TD Bandler 

#25: Social Security and Minorities by Helen Lachs Ginsburg and Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg

#26: It's Not Just Money: Thirty-Five Million Workers in Low-Wage Jobs by Beth Shulman See NJFAC page on wages.

#27: The Real Medicare Crisis, by Bruce Vladeck

#28: What Is Social Security? by Helen Ginsburg

#29: What Really Supports the Elderly? by June Zaccone

Special Reports:

Social Security vs. Social Insecurity: A Social Security Packet-Summary & Introduction

SR2: The Right to Work and to Welfare by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg and Sheila D. Collins

SR3: Toward a Fair Economy: The Economic Context for 2004 by members of the NJFAC Executive Committee, Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Chair

SR4: The Permanent War Economy: Real Security or False Promise? by Charles Bell, Sheila D. Collins, Helen Lachs Ginsburg, and Mary Malloy pdf

SR 5:The Labor Force Participation Rate and Its Trajectory, by June Zaccone

SR 6: Is the Decline in the Labor Force Participation Rate During This Recession Permanent? by June Zaccone

SR 7 Why Are Men of Prime Age MIssing from the Labor Force?10/13 June Zaccone

How Growing Inequality Led to Shrinking Democracy, Meltdown, & Mass Unemployment, Trudy Goldberg 9/11

Federal Debt: Who Ran up the Bill? Who’ll Pay It?, Rev-6/12, June Zaccone

Has Globalization Destroyed the American Middle Class? 5/12, June Zaccone

Union Decline: Irrelevance, Suicide or Murder? [rev. 9/13] June Zaccone

TPP: The trade deal you aren't allowed to know about until it hits you! Collins, 5/15

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): A Corporate Agenda, Zaccone, 5/15

What Ever Happened to Shared Prosperity?, prepared by Charles Bell, Helen Lachs Ginsburg, Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Philip Harvey, June Zaccone, Members of the Executive Committee, National Jobs for All Coalition


"Decent Work and Public Investment," Goldberg & Ginsburg, New Labor Forum, v17(1), Spr 2008, 123-133. See their web site: http://newlaborforum.cuny.edu/

¿Que Paso Con La Prosperidad Compartida?

The Drive for Decent Work--proposals for a contemporary full employment policy [pdf booklet] [htm file]

Special Issue on: The Challenge of Full Employment in the Global Economy, Helen Lachs Ginsburg, June Zaccone, Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Sheila D. Collins, and Sumner M. Rosen. Editorial Introduction, Economic and Industrial Democracy 1997

Survey of Full Employment Advocates

The Permanent War Economy: Real Security or False Promise? Based on SR 4, by Rev. Finley Schaef and Rev. Dr. Douglas Grote, for church bulletins

The Impact of the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001on Women's Employment, Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg and Helen Lachs Ginsburg

Katrina Checklist: No More Katrinas: Keep Score on Recovery and America's Future

No Mas Katrinas:Llevemos la Cuenta de la Recuperacion y el Futuro de America


NPQ's Economic Progress Quiz-From 1963 to 2013

Miltary Spending and Jobs: A Quiz [pdf]

Count the Unemployed: A Quiz

Social Security quiz:What's in It for Younger People? [interactive]

Una Prueba: ¿Que Le Ofrece El Seguro Social A Las Personas Jovenes?

Social Security quiz:What's in It for Younger People?   [pdf ]

Flyers-- The Fiscal Cliff: Why a Solution to Unemployment is the Key flyer 5/13

Jobs for All and Women's Rights; What Ever Happened to Shared Prosperity?

          Social Security flyers No Crisis    Private Accounts written by
Susan Bendor, Social Work, Yeshiva University; Dan Berger, Three Parks Independent Democrats; Helen Lachs Ginsburg, Emerita, Economics, Brooklyn College; Andrew Kurzweil, Treasurer, New York State Young Democrats Disability Issues Caucus; David Langer, Consulting Actuary; Martin Morand, Emeritus, Industrial and Labor Relations, Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania; union labor educator; Larry Wood, Goddard Riverside Community Center; June Zaccone, Emerita, Economics, Hofstra University; Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Social Work, Adelphi University, Chair

 March on Washington and the Jobs Crisis NJFAC 8/13

Green Jobs for All: Two Crises: One Solution, NJFAC 9/14

Facts about Social Security, 1-page summary, 8/14 June Zaccone

Working Papers:

A Growth Agenda That Works, by Timothy Canova, Sheila Collins, Helen Ginsburg, Gertrude Goldberg, Philip Harvey, Martin Melkonian, Sumner Rosen, Solidelle Wasser, and June Zaccone. 

The High Road to Economic Development by Sheila Collins and Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg. 

Book: Jobs for All: A Plan for the Revitalization of America, by Profs. Sheila D. Collins, Helen Lachs Ginsburg, Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg. $10 each

Report--The Underbelly of the US Economy: Joblessness and the Pauperization of Work in America, by David Dembo and Ward Morehouse (Apex).

Reprint Series

____ 1. "Jobs for All, Economic Justice, and the Challenge of Welfare 'Reform'," Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Journal of Public Health Policy, 1997. 

____ 2. "Building a Movement for Full Employment," Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg and Sheila Collins, from Social Policy, Spring 1998. 

____ 3. "Social Security: The Phony Crisis", Helen Lachs Ginsburg, testimony to NYC Council, April 1998 

___ 4. "With Income Inequality for All," James Galbraith, Nation, Sept 1998. 

___ 5. "The Great Divide," Robert Reich, The American Prospect, May 20, 2000 

___ 6. "Social Security Shortfall Long Way Off: Improved long-term outlook makes privatization push even less relevant," Christian Weller, Economic Policy Institute, March 27, 2002.

___ 7. Helen Lachs Ginsburg , "Sweden: Fall from Grace," In These Times, Dec. 23, 1996, an analysis of the decline of the Swedish full employment model.

___ 8. Marianne Hill, "Unemployment Insurance: A Broken System,"2/10 Updated, and reprinted with permission from Dollars and Sense, Issue 284, September/October 2009

___ 9. Seymour Melman, "In the Grip of a Permanent War Economy," reprinted with permission from Counterpunch, 3/03

Position Papers:

"A Growth Agenda That Works"

"The High Road to Economic Development"

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